Sunday, 31 May 2009

Iran,Bam, family photo

Aunt Iran holding a vase.
خاله ایران

My aunt Iran with permed hair has posed for this photo. I'm not sure of the date or location it had been taken; Kerman, Bam? I don't remember the room but the tablecloth is a handicraft called Pateh in Kermani. Women who master at making Pateh, spend months needling on wool materials, usually in burgendy or white colours to crteate an ocean of designs. In the old days a few pieces of Pateh; tablecloth or duvet cover was an integral part of every bride to take to her husband's home.
My mother (right) and khaleh Iran both with permed hair!
خاله ایران خود را برای این عکس اراسته است: موها با فر ششماهه و گلدان در دست. رو میزی پته و سایر تزئینات اطاق به اینکه این عکس در کجا گرفته شده است کمکی نمیکند. ای در کرمان است یا بم؟
بهر رو زیباست و خاطره برانگیز!

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